Heal Your Hissy Fits



I live in Mississippi. The Southern part of the United States commonly referred to as “The South”. We have a saying around these parts… “Here in the South we don’t hide crazy. We parade it on the front porch and give it a sweet tea.” It’s true. We stand by that. When southern women lose control of their emotions it is called throwing a “hissy fit.”

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-10-27-40-pmSource: Urban Dictionary: hissy fit

During my teens and early 20’s I threw my fair share of hissy fits because I was so reactive. Growing up I was not allowed to show anger because I am female so I entered adulthood lacking skills to properly deal with my emotions. I made a complete ass of myself more than once and since I have come out the other side of that with a temperament that is super calm and difficult to trigger, I feel obliged to offer some advice for how to control yourself and avoid those hissy fits.

4 Steps To Becoming Hissy Fit Free

1) Inform close family and friends of your desire to cure those hissy fits. Let them know you recognize their discomfort and you would appreciate if they each blessed your heart for wanting to improve yourself.

2) The shame we tend to feel after throwing a major hissy fit is pretty intense.. sometimes it lasts for months or even years depending on the intensity of rage in any given moment. Let this motivate you. Shame sucks. Feel it, learn from it, release it.

3) Begin observing your emotions as they rise. You may have been unaware of the process that took place inside of you prior to the loss of your shit and raising of your voice. But there was one. Think backwards. What triggered the hissy fit? There was an emotional response leading up to the outburst. The next time you feel like throwing a good one, stop first and observe what you are feeling. You can observe emotions without reacting to them.

4) Give yourself a break. It takes time to break behavioral patterns. If you are like I was and have a tendency to be self critical, you have got to learn to take control of your negative thoughts about yourself. You will never make progress if you can’t get that inner critic under control. We are all light. You deserve your own compassion. Bless your own heart. I do it all the time.

I love Y’all! -m



PS: How cute is that pink “hug yourself” top! Self love, self hug!



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