Playing with Fire



Fire. Desire. Passion. It is what drives us to make crazy decisions in the spur of the moment. It is the adrenaline rush when you achieve what we set out to do. It is the push when others say you cannot possibly reach a goal causing you to push harder than you ever knew you could. It is what burns in your heart; gets you excited just talking about it.  It is the flush in your face, the fast beat of your heart, and the realization that you have dreams bigger than this world. It is the desire for something more than what the world suggest you should settle for.

There are some people who are perfectly fine earning a paycheck at the same job for years and building their home in the same location. They put down roots for their children and create a world they feel comfortable living in. Then, there are those of us who refuse to settle. Whenever we are in one spot for too long we feel the urge to jump into something else or make an insane move to create a better opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity turns out to be everything we had planned and sometimes we fall flat on our face. We lose it all and only face the challenge of rebuilding from the ground up again.  No fear.  Those who have this perpetual drive to be more do not mind that rebuilding.  As a matter of fact, it might frustrate us at first but we usually see it as a challenge to come back even better than before. This drive often propels us to take chances others would deem risky. We are the ones who are looked down on because we “change jobs too often”, “do not know where our lives are headed” and “need to grow up”…but maybe those people actually envy us.  Maybe they wish they had the guts to plunge into their dreams head first. To take the risk instead of playing it safe as society has taught us to do.

The world may judge our gypsy hearts but we are just people who have no desire to ever settle. We want to feel everything in life there is to feel. If there is an emotion to feel we want to experience it at the highest point available to us on this human realm. We will be the first to move across the world with only a couple dollars in our pocket and a dream bigger than our circumstances. People think we are insane. They would wonder why we would quit a good paying job to go off and create our own dreams. Maybe they are the ones settling. They do not mind doing the mundane. Maybe they do not feel that it is necessary to go crazy but it is what feeds our souls. No amount of money in the world would make these people understand because they do not play with fire. We who are eccentric -the wanders of the world. The wild risk takers with gypsy souls – we play with fire. We know that sometimes we will get burned but if we never tried, we would never know the warmth of accomplishing our dreams on our own terms.

There is a feeling that comes over you when what was in your head as a dream is now something right in front of you. There is this amazing warmth that floods your soul. That desire burns. Nothing is ever enough. Once a feeling or goal is achieved we want to reach another one. We want to feel something else on a whole new level. We want to create more. We want to create better. The artists. The dreamers. The poets. The musicians. The writers.  There are so many of us on this road of desire and we all play with fire.

I play with fire. I feel deeply. I create and want more each day. I ponder daily what my next leap of faith will be. Sometimes not knowing the answer until the split second I decide to follow the dream and not look back is the best part. I love. I hurt. I wander. I feel the warmth. I have been burned. A lot.

We know who we are. We do not deny it. We stick together. We fuel the fires created in one another. We encourage others to pursue their dreams. and t o take a chance because there is something magical in it. in a way it is a never ending addiction. May those of us who understand this never lay down the matches because playing with fire is the only way we will carry on the warmth of this world.  Live life to it’s fullest.  Play with fire.


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