RE: Manipulate Me Not



“Such a good writing. I think the whole “appearance” thing and the fact that women are still objectified because of appearance is truly an issue more women can relate to than men, still, in today’s society. I’ve been that “pretty face” in my younger days and hated not being taken seriously. The interesting thing is Ive also lived on the other spectrum – the not-so-attractive side. It was truly eye opening as I slowly morphed into a few sizes larger over years. Along with my size, the way the world perceived me changed. Shockingly enough, it wasn’t all positive. I started to long for those young, pretty days again in some ways because sexually or not, my looks opened doors and without any effort got people’s attention. Just because I was pretty. Now it has flipped and there’s more substance, wisdom where the outer looks are lacking. I have to now work at opening doors and getting people to take me seriously (esp men) in different ways from when I had my looks speaking for me. All in all, I do like it better now. I’d rather my heart do my talking than my exterior. I wish you well and never give up on your dreams and goals!”

❤️ -Ginadiamond-heart


When we’re dead and gone and our words are all that survive us, I don’t believe their ability to touch a person’s heart will depend on how well our hips could hold up a pair of jeans.

Also, I have to politely disagree that your outer looks are lacking… one of the most beautiful women I know had more wrinkles than I could count and a big brown mole on her cheek. Superficial beauty could never outshine the sparkle of a sincere soul. Shimmer and Slay, love. Stars are meant to live that way.

❤️ missy


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