What Is Real?



My most favorite storybook from childhood was The Velveteen Rabbit. Last week I saw it on a store shelf covered in a layer of dust with a clearance sticker on it and bought it to read to my little boy that night. Halfway through the story I was fighting back tears. Okay, fine. I was sobbing. As an adult, I understood the meaning behind the story. Becoming real is becoming your authentic self. I was so overwhelmed with emotion because I happen to be at that point in my life. I’m moving into this phase of living from my heart. It can’t be any other way. As it turns out, I’m not alone.

I love synchronicity. I’ve experienced a lot of that since I stopped being who I thought the world wanted me to be and started being who I really am. I tweeted about reading The Velveteen Rabbit again and understanding the meaning and a few days later Nathaniel Levisay replied to my tweet to let me know about his new project. It’s a musical retelling of The Velveteen Rabbit titled: “What is Real? The Velveteen Rabbit”.

A lot of the work for this project is already underway but therere is still a ways to go… if it is going to be completed, the team will need some help. A kickstarter campaign has been started and it’s all or nothing. If they haven’t reached their goal by July 20, 2017 then I won’t have the CD and picture book in my lap Christmas morning and just the thought of that makes my heart ache.

The message The Velveteen Rabbit communicates is so incredibly important. The story is a metaphor for how valuable authenticity and vulnerability are. As it turns out, being exactly who we are in all of our glorious brokenness is so much cooler than existing as the false selves we have created. I mean, my false self was a bit of a jerk and I don’t like jerks.. The world needs this. This story deserves the chance to be revived and the timing could not be more perfect.


Kickstarter Campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/803991115/what-is-real-album-and-art-book?ref=project_link



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