I write to relieve pain. So I can cope. I also listen to people when they tell me they are in pain and I write about that (with permission). I realize how precious it is that others are willing to be so vulnerable with me… to tell me all the things that make them feel broken and trust me not to judge them. I cherish that. I’m pretty obsessed with the Meyers Briggs (MBTI). My type is INFP. What a relief it was to learn that. I’m sure all INF’s know exactly what I mean by that. 

My life has been shaped by a tremendous amount of suffering. Somewhere along the way I started to believe it was not okay to be who I was. I have been fired from jobs for “being too emotional”. I’m not mad at the pain anymore and I finally realized that rejecting my pain only made it worse. You have to learn to love the pain. It prepares you for your purpose.

My friends Kay RobBlair  and Jules write with me. So, welcome to our little piece of the internet. Make yourself at home. If there is a topic you would like for us to discuss, a post you would like to respond to or anything you want to say, you can CLICK HERE and tell us all about it!

page-break-22-1When we cut ourselves, blood begins to pour from the wound and we feel pain in the area that has been injured. It is easy to identify where the pain is coming from because we can see it with our eyes. We know where to apply the antiseptic and bandaid so that the wound can begin to heal. Emotional wounds are a bit more tricky. We aren’t even fully aware of the damage that is caused when emotional wounds are left untreated. If you want to see the side effects of emotional traumas that are never healed, take a look at the world today.

The idea for this site was born from the realization that humans need to heal themselves from trapped emotional trauma in order for our species to evolve. I’m still healing. I’m by no means an expert but I am pretty smart and I would like for people to know they are not alone. So, I’m just telling the truth and talking about the hard stuff, the taboo stuff, the bury it because nobody can know stuff. Every emotion has energy behind it and if it is not expressed it stores in the body. A build up of unexpressed emotions, over time, will manifest as disease.

I want to start a conversation about the things that hurt. I want to talk about mental health issues. I want to identify the sources of our shame. I want to talk about sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse. I’d like to examine the way we interact with one another and understand why it is our tendency to be jerks to the people we disagree with. I want to talk about the things we want to improve and the things we can’t understand.


SO MUCH LOVE! -missy

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