I used to be half of what was known as Jennifer and Julie. Then cancer took the better half that was Jennifer. Now I’m not. It’s been a long, lonely, dark horrible journey. In March 2015 I lost my only living brother and last immediate family member, In December 2015 my house caught on fire and my Significant Other received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on both his hands and had to have surgery. In January 2016 we found out my house insurance had fallen through the cracks when my agent died suddenly without turning in my bank draft for the premiums, so I had no insurance. Then my sweet mother-in-law died in October. In February 2016 Jennifer left for another plane of existence. In April 2016 my SO suffered a mild stroke when his left carotid artery was 80% blocked, was helicoptered out to a University hospital and had to have surgery to have a stent put in. In December 2015 my SO fell over 20 feet from his tree stand hunting over 2 miles back in the swamp and broke his ankle and pulverized his heel bone. Had to be carried out by his two friends over the course of 6.5 hours. 4 days after the fall, I had to have my beloved dog put down after she developed a huge tumor in her abdomen. It’s been a long cold dark road, and I hope sharing my story and journey might help one person in some way. I used to laugh all the time. Now not so much.

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