Kay Rob



UPDATE: While Kay Rob still contributes to this site, she has her own blog now and it is pretty amazing. You can check it out HERE

There is so much about myself that I want to tell people, but I never do. Here’s what I can muster up today. I was born and raised in a religious cult, so I was pretty sheltered from most of what was going on in the world. When I decided to uproot myself from everything I ever knew at age 20, I experienced the worst culture shock of my life. I’ve spent over a decade getting caught up on pop culture, music, and movies, all while processing the trauma of my past. I’ve been through a lot and I’ve lost a lot, but none of that compares to the wonderful life I have found for myself. Despite all that, I still struggle daily with my emotions and anxiety. Writing is my therapy; hear me roar.

Kay’s Post:

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