Beautiful Dreamer



Beautiful dreamer

Dreaming beautiful dreams

I know you’re in pain

But nothing is as it seems

You haven’t lost me

I’m always right here

In your heart

In your mind

I’m the salt in your  tears

I’ve known this was coming

The storm after the calm

But there will come a day

When our suffering becomes our psalm

…All You Are is The Moon…



Playing with Fire



Fire. Desire. Passion. It is what drives us to make crazy decisions in the spur of the moment. It is the adrenaline rush when you achieve what we set out to do. It is the push when others say you cannot possibly reach a goal causing you to push harder than you ever knew you could. It is what burns in your heart; gets you excited just talking about it.  It is the flush in your face, the fast beat of your heart, and the realization that you have dreams bigger than this world. It is the desire for something more than what the world suggest you should settle for.

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