Helping Hearts


As coincidences go, I was gathering stories to cover for sexual assault awareness month and reconnected with a friend of mine from school. Meet Heather:


How adorable is she? Heather mentioned that she loved the posts from our site and so I asked what she had been up to. I know a lot of you are familiar with Younique. It’s the company with the amazing cosmetics. I’m sure at least one of your Facebook friends sales Younique. What you probably did not know is that Youinque has a non-profit called The Younique Foundation.  This foundation supports survivors of childhood sexual abuse through The Haven Retreat. This 4 day retreat focuses on activities that help survivors of sexual abuse in their healing. From their website:

Our message to survivors is clear: You are worth the effort required to find wholeness. Freedom from the fear and shame of abuse is possible. We will help you reclaim what was taken—helping you to find healing and love for life. Wholeness doesn’t just happen. You deserve to be free from the pain of the sexual abuse you have suffered and we can help.

Heather impressed me so much. I was so proud to hear her speak about her work and the pride she takes in it.

“I’ve had a blast doing this. People think I’m doing this just for money but it’s so much more! The mission of the company is to uplift, empower, and validate women!!!”  Heather Collins  8503790_300x300

 I contacted Heather to let her know I was about to finish up this post and she informed me that she was giving away all of her commission this month to another classmate of ours who is having a difficult time. I have tears pouring down my face right now. This is Hunter Black:


Hunter and I went to school together and he is seriously one of the good ones. We were even boyfriend and girlfriend for a whole week in 7th grade! Hunter was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after being bitten by a tick in the summer of 2007. A campaign has been created through to accept donations for Hunter’s care. From the Youcaring site:

Hunter Black used to be a healthy, strong, lively young man until the summer of 2007 when he got bitten by a tick. We created this page to help raise funds for his Lyme treatment and to raise awareness around his condition.

He is going to see Dr.Raxlen, a Lyme specialist in New York, NY on May 8th, 2017 and his treatment protocol will last around 18-24 months.

Lyme disease is starting to take over every aspect of Hunter’s life. He is in constant pain and discomfort and now he is starting to lose the ability to walk and talk normally. He is progressing fast and needs help quickly.

To support Hunter Black as he seeks treatment for Lyme Disease CLICK HERE

For more information on Younique Cosmetics contact Heather Collins. CLICK HERE to be directed to her website.

For More information on The Haven Retreat for survivors of sexual abuse CLICK HERE

Here’s to those with helping hearts. They make this existence a little more bearable.


Dear Former Best Friend


17274291_266817467107605_1878086061_nThere was a day I thought I could not live without you. There was a day that I rushed to hit your name on my phone with every piece of news because there was no other person I wanted to share it with more.  If there were tears in my eyes I wanted nothing more but to hear your voice.  A cup of coffee with you was the best day ever.  There was a day when I was shopping and everything reminded me of you from the lime green pants, to the thin mint girl scout cookies, and even the song on the radio.

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