Karma Crash



I ¬†know it’s been a while. I’ve been with the soul searching.. and over the weekend I experienced something so absolutely insane that I decided I should come out of hibernation and document it.

Saturday morning I went to do the grocery shopping. I was standing in line and as you saw from my tweet… someone skipped line and the guy behind me was furious. I actually pulled out my phone and tweeted about it because he was awkwardly lecturing me about how life would not go well for me if I kept letting people walk all over me. I told him that was not the case. “The universe is water sir, it likes to flow. So if someone skips me in line, I just accept that and consider perhaps I needed to be delayed by a few minutes. If you have been so horribly inconvenienced please, go ahead of me.” So he did.

I paid for my things and left the store in time to see him squeal tires leaving the parking lot and made it to the intersection by my house just as his ambulance was arriving. Someone ran the red light and t boned his small sports car. It was smashed to bits and he was conscious but bleeding.

I got through the intersection, pulled my car to the side of the road and burst into tears. THAT shit just happened.

I bet he will remember me for the rest of his life.


the wheel escape



ive been running in circles trapped in a wheel

spinning and sick

 refusing to feel

totally unconscious

lack of free will

once i was silent time stood still

must escape the spinning wheel

180 degrees of motion

dove head first into a deep dark ocean

holy wholeness is divine

souls must simmer before they can shine