You’ll Know When



Meet Britain. Britain is my little. He’s been on this earth 3 years but his soul is likely older than mine.

Baths are one of the things Britain and I have done together since he was a wee little man. I could always calm him if I nursed him in the bathtub and when I quit nursing we just carried on having baths together. It saved water and as he got older he would take that opportunity to open up. We usually talked about feelings or that damn Jace who is always knocking his blocks down at school.

In all the unsolicited parenting advice I was given people would tell me that I would know when it was time to stop taking baths with my little boy. They said that one day he would reach a certain age where it was no longer appropriate and I would just know.

I think last night was our last bath together.

I put Britain outside the tub so I could lay back and rinse the shampoo from my hair. He’s standing over me looking down.

He says: “I love when you lay like that.”

“Why is that, B?”

“Because I can see EVERYTHING.”

Yep. That about does it for me. Here’s to the end of an era.

To Hurt or Not to Hurt


17793052_1244191552284085_798081456_nI am currently the parent of a 2 year old. My kid is the most vibrant, hilarious, and polite toddler you will ever meet.  It really amazes me how surprised people are at the things she will say and do. They can’t get over how she can use the phrases “Please,” “Thank you!” “You’re welcome!” “Bless you!” and “I’m sorry.” in the proper context. Her ability to know and use those phrases excites me way more than her knowing colors, shapes, letters, or numbers. She has between now and kindergarten to know school facts, and I want to spend this precious time of her early years teaching her about character and emotion.

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