Thoughts On Science 


Came across this brilliance over the weekend. By Nicholas Roerich:

“Science, if it is to be redintegrated should primarily not be limited, and thus be fearless. Any conditional limitation will be an evidence of mediocrity, and thus will become an unconquerable obstacle on the path of achievement.

I recall a conversation with a scientist who so insistently wanted to be the defender of modern science that he even attempted to diminish the significance of all ancient accumulations. Whereas, precisely, each young representative of modern science must first be open to everything useful and more so to all that bears the testimony of ages. All negation is contrary to creativeness. In his enlightened, constantly progressive movement, a true creator, first of all, is not negative. A creator has no time for condemnation and negation. The process of creativeness proceeds in an unrestrained progression. Therefore it is painful to see how a man, because of certain prejudices and superstitions, entangles himself with phantoms. In order that no one might suspect a scientist of being old-fashioned, in his fear he is ready to inflict anathema and oblivion upon the most instructive accumulations of the experiences of antiquity.”




I’ve tried so many times before to write about racism, but I always get to the really hard parts in my story, and my words get stuck. I was raised in a very religious home, so one might question how racism could have crept into my young life. I was born and raised in Mississippi, which of course is known for a highly spotted racial past. Racism was not a blatant part of my every day life growing up, but when extended family would get together for reunions or funerals, I heard many a racist “joke” or tirade. Even though the people in my every day life did not openly speak of such things, I do recall them all laughing along with the “jokes” or nodding sympathetically to someone’s tirade.

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Playing with Fire



Fire. Desire. Passion. It is what drives us to make crazy decisions in the spur of the moment. It is the adrenaline rush when you achieve what we set out to do. It is the push when others say you cannot possibly reach a goal causing you to push harder than you ever knew you could. It is what burns in your heart; gets you excited just talking about it.  It is the flush in your face, the fast beat of your heart, and the realization that you have dreams bigger than this world. It is the desire for something more than what the world suggest you should settle for.

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Get your head out of the gutter. I’m talking about energy. Ever heard of energy vampires? They live. Energy vamps feed off of other people’s energy. Some are totally obvious like bullies and sexual predators. I was never really aware of the more subtle forms of energy theft. FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve been a victim and a villain. Most of us have. They say once you have been “bitten”, you must bite someone else. I can totally see how this happens.

Before I established some boundaries, my beautifully dysfunctional family used to consistently call me to bitch about one another. It exhausted me. I was truly unaware of the degree to which I had been affected. I would usually end a call with a member of the fam then turn around and call  my Bestie (What up, Parker!). I would always “vent” to her but in reality, I was just stealing energy from her to compensate for what had been taken from me.

When I realized what was happening, I was horrified. I wanted to cover some of the more subtle forms of energy theft for those who are like I was -without a clue. It’s not okay to bite, guys. Hopefully this will help anyone who is biting to be more aware or for those who are consistently bitten, now you know what is happening and you can passively aggressively share this to social media to let your vampires know you are on to them. Please note, covert energy vampires are more than likely unconscious of the theft. I wasn’t aware of it until I just was. We are unaware that we are unaware.

Here are 14 of the most common types of subtle energy vampires.

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Woke As Hell



“Woke as hell.” I could seriously punch something when I hear someone utter that sentence. But why? Because I think it is a dumb thing to say. But why? Because I ASSUME the people who say it have no real idea what it means to wake up and I associate it with disrespect. But why? I know the amount of work that goes into the process and I feel it should be revered with a tremendous amount of respect. It is divine. So, what does something someone else says have to do with me? Nothing. See how much time I just wasted?

I spent all of my life, up until last weekend focused on others much, much more than I focused on myself. Rarely critical of others, highly critical of myself. I had no idea. I have been in a fog floating down a river of lies.

I woke up to a reality that I had been unaware of. That’s the thing. We are unaware that we are unaware. Finally. Finally I saw it. Codependency patterns in my family -the reason I have been insecure, sought validation outside myself, didn’t trust myself and didn’t feel entitled to my own experience. All codependency issues. I say I saw through my download. Download being the information my parents passed down to me and the beliefs I formed in childhood. The truth: I am enough. I can trust myself, I don’t need anyone to validate my experience. I am entitled to my experience.

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the wheel escape



ive been running in circles trapped in a wheel

spinning and sick

 refusing to feel

totally unconscious

lack of free will

once i was silent time stood still

must escape the spinning wheel

180 degrees of motion

dove head first into a deep dark ocean

holy wholeness is divine

souls must simmer before they can shine